Silca Secret Chain Blend Hot Wax X Lubricant - 300g

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by Silca
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The ultimate in Marginal Gains for when all out speed is the priority. Partnering with the Nobel Prize winning scientists who discovered graphene, we are the only company certified to be using Nanene® in chain wax.

  • Saves up to 12w
  • Save half a watt over Secret Chain Blend
  • Up to 800km re-wax intervals
  • Clean to the touch on the chain
  • No PFAS chemicals
  • Get up to 30,000 km out of a chain
  • MPN: AM-AC-048-ASY-0100
  • UPC: 810093162024
  • Application TypeSolid Wax
    Petroleum BasedNo
    SKU: LUBR0218