Nathan Dirty Stuff Bag - includes RunFresh Odor Eliminater Packet

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by Nathan

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After a workout, your gear and bag can be stinky, but everything else doesn't need to be. The Dirty Stuff Bag keeps you dirties separate from you clean cloths. Use the included RunFresh Odor Eliminater Packets to easily drop into shoes and your gym bag to fight that funk.

  • Handy stuff sack can be used with any bag
  • Keeps your clean cloths separate from your dirty ones
  • Two sizes of RunFresh Odor Eliminater Packets included (Shoe insert, and Gym Bag)
  • RunFresh Odor Eliminater Packets feature Micro-pores and Mosa Bamboo Charcoal that naturally absorbs odor
  • Simply place the packets in sun to recharge and reuse
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