Magura Disc Brake Multi-Tool and Tire Lever

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by Magura

Introducing a new collaboration between Magura and Wolf Tooth for a trail tool that also works as a measuring guide. This tool will help to measure rotor and pad thickness, allow for rotor truing, includes an 8mm sleeve nut wrench to tighten the compression sleeve nut on disc brake hoses and has a tire lever on the opposite end for trailside maintenance. All in a metal/composite package with the option for replacement tire levers. The tool is designed and manufactured in the US.

  • Rotor straightening tool
  • Brake hose compression sleeve nut wrench
  • Minimum pad thickness gauge
  • Minimum rotor thickness gauge
  • Replaceable tire lever
  • MPN: 2 702 675
  • UPC: 4055184038628

  • SKU: STTL0011