Jagwire Elite Cooling Disc Brake Pad - Semi-Metallic, Aluminum Backed

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by Jagwire
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These disc brake pads fit a variety of SRAM and Avid brakes and offer industry leading brake compounds for consistent, confident performance.

  • Jagwire Elite Cooling pads utilize lightweight aluminum cooling fins integrated into the backing plate to dissipate heat from the brake system
  • Graphene is used as a thermal conductor to pull heat away from the rotor and into the cooling fins, preventing brake fade and warped rotors
  • Aluminum cooling fins have top and side cutouts which utilize the airflow to maximize convective cooling
  • Proprietary semi-metallic compound provides excellent combination of power, modulation, and durability, and is suitable for all weather conditions
  • MPN: DCA898
  • UPC: 4715910041215
  • Backing Plate MaterialAluminum
    Heat SinkYes
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