Exposure Lights Link Mk2 Headlight/Taillight Combo Light - Gun Metal Black

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The lightweight and powerful Link Mk2 is the perfect way to get noticed on busy city roads. Mounting the light up high on the helmet means it is not hidden from view by traffic or other distractions a. With 360-degree visibility from a single unit, it gives you the advantage of being noticed first.

  • DayBright pulse pattern designed for daylight use. More conspicuous than a regular pulse and visible from over a kilometer away
  • Optimised Mode Selector allows rider to fine tune power and run times for the ride
  • Intelligent Thermal Management prevents overheating and maximizing battery life
  • Smart Port+ enables the charge port to accept auxiliary accessories such as rear lights, remote switches, Support Cells and to use your light as a power bank to charge USB devices
  • 1.5- 16 hr run time
  • UPC:
  • BatteryLi-Ion
    Lumens Front200
    Lumens Rear40
    Recharge TypeUSB
    SKU: LGST0293