Pack of 2 Kool-Stop Supra 2 Rim Brake Pads Threaded Post Electric Compound eBike

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Value bundle includes a 2 pack quantity of the Kool-Stop Supra 2 Brake Pads Brake Shoe and Pad.

Kool-Stop Supra 2 Brake Shoes and Pads
  • Patented Angled tip plow
  • Self tow in
  • Water groove
  • Knurl-lock washer system
  • Hardened and Plated reinforced steel backbone
  • UPC: 760251080410
  • ColorGray
    Rim CompatibilityStandard
    Intended Brake TypeLinear Pull
    Pad Attachment StyleThreaded Post
    Pad TypeOne Piece
    Designed for ebikeYes
    SKU: BR5582PO2