BikeFit In The Shoe ForeFoot Wedges - Size 8-9, 4-Pack

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In The Shoe (ITS) Wedges provide 1.5 degrees of inward angulation (aka "varus") in cycling shoes that have ample room in the forefoot area. They are often used in conjunction with Cleat Wedges or as a quick way of determining if inward or outward forefoot tilt or canting exists.

  • Symmetrical design that can be used in either the right or left shoe
  • Size 8-9, 4-Pack
  • A great, quick, alternative when Cleat Wedges may not work with the shoe cleat system, (e.g. with SPD cleats, where connection is limited by size and there is a potential for rough riding, off-road)
  • Not recommended for shoes that are already tight, or snug fitting
  • Cut to fit and works great with insoles
  • Fills in volume for loose fitting shoes
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