How do you know if your chain is worn?

How do you know if your chain is worn? 0

Chain wear is something that can easily be missed when your bike is running well and you aren’t thinking it needs any work.  As the rollers of your chain wear on the bushing section of the inner link the distance between pins will expand. As that distance expands it will cause the rollers to wear out the teeth of your cassette cogs or chainring.  As the cogs and rings are worn by the chain, your shifting accuracy will slowly diminish. If left too long before replacement the cogs and rings will wear so far that putting on a new chain will cause your drivetrain to skip.  Chains are the least expensive part of your drivetrain to replace. Replacing your chain when needed will save you from having to replace cassettes and chainrings as frequently. In some extreme cases the chain will break. There are a few ways to measure for chain wear.

One basic ways are the lift off test.  It involves shifting into your biggest chainring in the front and smallest cog in the rear, you will then lift the chain away from the chainring.  If it lifts more than a little bit it is probably worn. This is a basic way to know if the chain has wear, but it will not help you to know how worn.

One very good way to measure for chain wear is by using a chain wear indicator tool.  These tools are designed to act as a “go / no go” type gauge to let you know if your chain is worn far enough to replace. It can also give you an idea if you may have let the chain wear too far to the point where your drivetrain may have been affected. A couple of good chain wear indicators are the Park Tool CC3.2, The Rholoff Caliber 2,  and the Pedros Chainchecker Plus II. All companies use a similar procedure for use and work well.  When buying a chain wear indicator consider the number of gears your drivetrain has and confirm that you get one approved for your bike (some don’t work with 12 speed).

A chain checker is an inexpensive tool, and easy enough to figure out for anybody to feel comfortable with it.  Even the newest riders can benefit from an occasional check while cleaning up their bike and lubing their chain after a ride.  If you aren't a mechanic, your chain checker will let you know when it’s time to go see your local shop to have a chain installed.  Checking your chain often will save you some cash in the long run and keep your bike happy.

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Mechanics Top Picks: Chain Lube

Mechanics Top Picks: Chain Lube 0

Mechanics Top Picks: Chain Lube
Explore New Trails with Küat Racks

Explore New Trails with Küat Racks 0

If you’re sick of jamming your bike into the back of your car to get to the next group ride or need a replacement for your tired old bike rack, Küat may be what you are looking for.  Whether you have a road bike, mountain bike, fat bike, e-bike or cruiser - Küat probably has a rack that will fit your specific needs, vehicle and budget.

The NV 2.0 is their flagship model offering the ability to transport anything from  your 20” BMX bike to your fat bike in the winter time. It fits anything from a 20” wheel (adapter needed for 20-24” wheels) to a 29” wheel with widths up to 4.8” (with Phat Bike Kit). The NV 2.0 will get your bike where you need to go safely.  With an integrated work stand the NV 2.0 allows you to work on your bike once you get to your ride or race. If you don’t need the extra frills Küat offers the NV base which offers many of the features of the NV 2.0 without the extra. If you want to bring your family or a couple more friends along there is a 2 bike add-on for the 2 inch receiver model of the NV.

The Sherpa 2.0 Is Küat’s light weight compact platform design.   It may be small but it is packed with features. The Sherpa offers fitment of bikes with up to 47” wheel base and tires as wide as 3”.  When you aren’t using your Sherpa, it folds up easily to be very small. The Sherpa fits either 2” or 1.25” hitch sizes. It also offers locks for both your bike and the rack, the sherpa is a secure easy way to get your bike around. The Sherpa is now available in black, grey, and white.

The NV 2.0 and Sherpa are just two of many racks made by Küat. They offer more hitch options as well as some roof rack options for your bike & outdoor gear. All of their products are lightweight, great quality and good looking.  

Check out our offerings from Küat

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Mountain Bike Tire Treads Explained

Mountain Bike Tire Treads Explained 0

In this post, we will dive into the tread designs on a number of different tire options from a number of different brands. We hope to give a bit more information on the correct tread pattern for the terrain readers are commonly riding in, as well as the thought behind knob placement and depth.
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