Kryptonite's Security Rating System

Kryptonite's Security Rating System

Kryptonite's Security Rating System

Kryptonite has been able to take a utilitarian product and make it iconic and stylish. Their locks show up in movies, TV shows and Instagram snaps as the boss of bicycle locks. This sort of hype isn’t generated through savvy marketing. Kryptonite has been building a brand of impregnable locks for over 40 years. 365 Cycles can attest to Kryptonite’s legendary Customer Service and that’s why we are confident to recommend their products.

In 1972, Kryptonite’s founder Michael Zane locked a bicycle to a signpost in Greenwich Village to test his invention’s durability. His invention was the U-Lock. The bike lasted on the streets of NYC for thirty days. All parts were stripped from the frame, but the bike remained. This feat changed bicycle security forever. For New Yorkers, a bike lasting day and night in their neighborhoods for as long as Zane’s had was improbable and foolish. Michael Zane did not need to sell anyone of his product’s functionality and durability; the test spoke for itself.

In 1977, Kryptonite set a new bar for security and customer service by offering the Anti-Theft Protection Offer. This is a program that will pay you the cost of your bike in the event that it is stolen under the safekeeping of a Kryptonite lock. All high to ultimate security rated locks come with one year free enrollment into the Anti-Theft Protection. Registration is required through the Kryptonite website. There is an easy-to-follow number scale that clearly communicates the level of security a lock provides. 365 Cycles also displays the security ratings in all applicable listings.

Know which lock to buy.

You can find these security rating in all our listings that apply. For locks that have a rating of 7 and up, the lock comes with a free year of Anti-Theft Protection. *registration required

Kryptonite offers this program in over 30 countries. There are full details on their webpage available here. Through this link you can also find where to register after purchasing a Kryptonite lock. It’s noteworthy that this is not a 3rd party insurance policy. Kryptonite works directly with you to resolve the claim.

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