Wolf Tooth CAMO BashSpider for Shimano - M5 Boost, 52mm Chainline, 3mm Offset

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The Wolf Tooth CAMO BashSpider is a crankset-mounted boost bash ring. This is a spider with an integrated bash ring for use with direct mount cranksets. The CAMO BashSpider pairs with a CAMO chainring to complete the CAMO System.

  • Designed to work with Shimano cranksets that have a removable spider
  • A CAMO chainring is required to complete this system
  • The "rolling" ability of the BashSpider allows the rider to move easily over obstacles
  • Bash rings that are mounted on the crankset are better supported than bash rings that are mounted to the frame or bottom bracket
  • M5 (minus 5mm - Boost) is dished towards the frame for 52mm chainline for bikes with Boost spacing
  • Will fit CAMO chainrings from sizes 28T-34T round or 30T-32T elliptical
  • Includes mounting bolts
  • UPC: 810006802948
  • ColorBlack
    SKU: CR1755