Wheel Master 27.5in Alloy MTB Bike Single Wall 27.5in Rear WEI 519 RIM

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  • All models listed with multiple axle sizes separated by a / include adapters for use with each axle configuration listed
  • Pairs using a - in the axle column refers to Front - Rear applications
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  • UPC: 888571042847
  • Size27.5in
    TypeTube Only
    Brake TypeRIM
    Width ID (mm)19
    Ft / Rr / StRR
    Rim ModelWEI 519
    Hub ModelW/M AQ-1000
    Hub ColorBlk
    Spoke Type14G BK
    Rim ColorBlk MSW
    Gears5/6/7s FW
    Spoke Count36H
    SKU: RRWH0808