Skratch Labs Clear Hydration Drink Mix - Hint of Lemon, Box of 8 Single Serving Packets

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Skratch Labs Clear Hydration Drink Mix replaces the electrolytes lost in sweat in the clearest, lightest-tasting, and most refreshing way. Easy on the gut and virtually tasteless, it allows athletes who prefer the taste of water to effectively hydrate all day long without flavor fatigue.

  • Drink Clear when you just want to drink water but know you need a sports drink
  • Infused with a subtle hint of flavor to give you a crisp, light tasting, refreshing way to get the electrolytes you need
  • Every athlete has a different sodium sweat concentration, and some need more sodium in their hydration drink than others - add as much Clear Hydration Drink Mix as you need without impacting the flavor
  • Clear is easy on your gut and easy on your taste buds for hydrating all day long or going long all day
  • To use: As a starting point, add a scoop of mix to an empty 12-16oz bottle, partially fill with water, shake well, and then add more water (if youre a saltier sweater, add as much as you need without impacting the flavor)
  • Clear Hydration Drink Mix is non-GMO, gluten free, dairy free, vegan, and kosher
Calories From Fat0
Dietary ConsiderationsDairy Free
Dietary ConsiderationsGluten Free
Dietary ConsiderationsVegan
Dietary Fiber0
FlavorHint of Lemon
Saturated Fat0
Serving Per Container8
Serving Size1 Packet
Special ConsiderationGMO Free
Total Carbohydrates13
Total Fat0
Trans Fat0
TypeDrink Mix