Selle Royal Avenue Saddle - Steel, Dark Gray, Women's

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Avenue saddles guarantee a high level of comfort thanks to the generous layer of Royalgel padding that reduces pressure in the ischial bones area, while a central indent offers perineal relief with added elastomers to ensure stability.

  • Moderate: Spine angle of rougly 60deg; continues to move the rider's weight and sit bones back on a wider saddle
  • Integrated Clip System to attach lights or bags, this saddle is ideal for short to medium rides in the city
  • Classic Black Blasted OXE rail + scale + elastomers
  • MPN: 8466DGCA48096
  • UPC: 8021890368324
  • Gender/AgeWomen's
    ColorDark Gray
    Clamp StyleStd Rails
    Defined ColorGray
    Saddle Cut OutNo
    Rail MaterialSteel
    SKU: SA5064