RockShox Super Deluxe Ultimate RC2T, Rear shock, 210x55, Shaft Eyelet: Standard, Body Eyelet: Standard, Progressive Air,

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Super Deluxe Ultimate RC2T

  • RC2T damper is only found at the Ultimate level and features externally adjustable, truly independent High and Low Speed Compression along with an increased range of rebound adjustment.
  • Riders can fine-tune damping from the factory base tune for a more personalized feel while factoring in ride style and terrain.
  • MPN: 00.4118.358.076
  • UPC: 710845884320
  • Body EyeletStandard
    CompatibilityYeti SB140
    Defined ColorBlack
    External AdjustmentsAir pressure, Bottomless tokens
    Damping AdjustmentsExternal rebound, 2 pos (open/firm), Hi & Low Speed comp adj
    Eye to eye length (mm)210x55
    Positive SpringDebonAir+ Progressive
    Default SettingsProgressive Air, 0Neg/1Pos Tokens, ProgressiveReb/LComp, 320lb Lockout
    Shaft EyeletStandard
    SKU: RRSK0477