Park Tool Rebuild and Upgrade Kit for TS-2 Truing Stand Bike Bicycle Stand Parts

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Park Truing Stand parts to get truing stands back into tip-top working condition.

  • A complete rebuild kit for the TS-2 truing stand that features the most commonly replaced small parts and the instructions needed to get truing stands back into top working condition
  • Includes:
    - One 211S main shaft
    - Four 749-1 bearing washers
    - Two 748 needle bearings
    - Two 209-2 shaft adjusting collars
    - One 229 spring
    - Four 232-2 split nylon bushings
    - Two 235-2 split bushings
    - One 222-SR right caliper spring
    - One 222-SL left caliper spring
    - Instructions
  • MPN: TS-RK
  • UPC: 763477008091

  • SKU: TL7420

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