Magura HS22 Linear Pull Brake & Lever Front/Rear,3-Finger Lever Blade,Easy Mount

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The Magura HS22 hydraulic rim brake and lever is designed for the needs of city and trekking riders. Its features include a high level of safety and maintenance-free operation.

  • The robust Carbotecture brake master lowers the total weight of the brake without compromising on durability
  • Tool-free resetting in the event of pad wear and the closed hydraulic system of the proven HS technology make the HS22 a totally care-free brake
  • The hydraulic system is "care-free" with the use of Magura's Royal Blood mineral oil
  • Tool-free reach adjust
  • MPN: 2700846
  • UPC: 4055184014127
  • Defined ColorBlack
    Pad Attachment StyleThreaded Post
    SKU: LPBR0011

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