Industry Nine Tubeless Valves - 40mm, Turqoise, Pair

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Tubeless Valves feature a removable valve core for ease of sealant install, inflation or accommodation of valve extension courtesy of standard-type extenders. They have both an o-ring and a threaded washer to keep the rim scratch-free, and to keep the washer tight.

  • A clog-resistance function is achieved by 1) oversizing the valve bore near the internal rim rubber seal, and 2) the machined extension of the valve past the seal
  • Made from Aluminum with anodize finish
  • 40mm length
  • UPC: 810098985246
  • Defined ColorTeal
    Length (mm)40
    ValvePresta Short 32-40mm
    Valve CoreRemovable
    SKU: TU0607