DT Swiss Ratchet LN Freehub Body Upgrade Kit - SRAM XD, Standard, Aluminum, Sealed Bearing, 36T

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The Ratchet LN freehub body upgrade kit makes it possible to convert DT Swiss 3-Pawl hubs to the beloved Ratchet System. With just a few simple steps, it is possible to incorporate the benefits of Ratchet Systems, such as the outstanding reliability and adaptability of the engagement angle.

  • Ratchet LN freehub bodies have a freehub system seal designed into it, allowing the conversion of 3-Pawl driven hubs to the Ratchet LN. It's an ideal upgrade for hubs such as the 360 and 370 series.
  • MPN: HXYXXX00N7684S
  • UPC: 7613052299112
  • Cassette Body TypeSRAM XD 11/12 Speed
    SKU: FHBD0213