Explore New Trails with Küat Racks

Explore New Trails with Küat Racks

Explore New Trails with Küat Racks

If you’re sick of jamming your bike into the back of your car to get to the next group ride or need a replacement for your tired old bike rack, Küat may be what you are looking for.  Whether you have a road bike, mountain bike, fat bike, e-bike or cruiser - Küat probably has a rack that will fit your specific needs, vehicle and budget.

The NV 2.0 is their flagship model offering the ability to transport anything from  your 20” BMX bike to your fat bike in the winter time. It fits anything from a 20” wheel (adapter needed for 20-24” wheels) to a 29” wheel with widths up to 4.8” (with Phat Bike Kit). The NV 2.0 will get your bike where you need to go safely.  With an integrated work stand the NV 2.0 allows you to work on your bike once you get to your ride or race. If you don’t need the extra frills Küat offers the NV base which offers many of the features of the NV 2.0 without the extra. If you want to bring your family or a couple more friends along there is a 2 bike add-on for the 2 inch receiver model of the NV.

The Sherpa 2.0 Is Küat’s light weight compact platform design.   It may be small but it is packed with features. The Sherpa offers fitment of bikes with up to 47” wheel base and tires as wide as 3”.  When you aren’t using your Sherpa, it folds up easily to be very small. The Sherpa fits either 2” or 1.25” hitch sizes. It also offers locks for both your bike and the rack, the sherpa is a secure easy way to get your bike around. The Sherpa is now available in black, grey, and white.

The NV 2.0 and Sherpa are just two of many racks made by Küat. They offer more hitch options as well as some roof rack options for your bike & outdoor gear. All of their products are lightweight, great quality and good looking.  

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