Do You Need Butt Butter?

Do You Need Butt Butter?

Do You Need Butt Butter?

Do you ride your bike so much that your ass is as red and raw as those baboons you’ve seen on Animal Planet?  If so, you are not alone! Many riders experience chafing discomfort, and in more severe cases, the dreaded Saddle Sores.  In this post we are going to talk about our butts and some things you can do to help alleviate the red and raw ass’ness from chafing and saddle sores.

Chafing from the contact points on your bike saddle can result in some serious pain.  And because this is a topic about your nether regions, open discussions with your local bike shop associate can feel awwwkwarrrrrd. Instead you consult with Dr. Google: How do I Deal with Saddle Sores?

Anti-Chafe cream to the rescue!  Yes, with good quality riding shorts (aka Bibs or Chamois) and anti-chafe cream, you can be back on the bike with a mischievous smile.  Two popular brands we sell here at 365Cycles are Chamois Butt'r and DZ Nutz available in original and eurostyle which formulated to give a cooling effect.

Chamois Butter and other anti-chafe creams work by keeping your delicate assets lubricated to prevent chafing of the skin.  Chamois Butter works well to keep skin to chamois contact area well lubricated without excessive build up of the cream.  Additionally, it washes out of your chamois with ease.


You can apply Chamois Butter two ways:  You can put the Chamois Butter directly on your chamois itself or directly on your skin.  Put a liberal amount of the cream onto the area of your chamois your butt bones contact. Or, you can apply a generous amount of the cream directly to your skin.  Don’t rub the stuff in, it's not moisturizer after all!

You can get Chamois Butter in a tube or tub.  Some Chamois creams have a cooling effect. The tube is the way to go if you tend to be a person who likes to share - you don’t want your buddy double dipping into your tub of Chamois Cream!  

While Chamois Butter and other anti-chafe cream are a great way to alleviate saddle soreness, there are multiple reasons why you may be experiencing chafing and saddle sores that you should also explore:  

Lack of proper fitting Bibs or Chamois are often an issue.  Keep in mind that even the very best quality bibs and chamois don’t last forever.  Bacteria can grow in chamois that isn’t properly cleaned and transfer to your chafed skin causing hideous agonizing saddle sores.  Wash and your chamois after every ride!  No cheating!

Make sure you have a saddle that works to support your body ergonomically.  Finding a saddle that is ergonomically supportive can take some time and money but it is well worth the effort.  A saddle should work so well that you forget about it being there. A saddle that is too wide or too narrow, too long or too short, can cause chafing to a point where you feel like you have more of an ass hatchet than a proper bicycle saddle.  

A professional bike fit is very important to combat saddle issues.  Especially if you are a road biker and you have tried the above ideas, a professional bike fit is key.

Of course, using anti-chafe creams like Chamois Butt’r & DZ Nutz AND attending to saddle choice, bike fit, and overall chamois hygiene is the ultimate ticket to ride comfortably and without Animal Planet calling on you to cameo in their next baboon segment.

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