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  1. Mountain Bike Tire Treads Explained

    Mountain Bike Tire Treads Explained
    Find your tire tread style. We dive into the tread designs on a number of different tire options from a number of different brands. We hope to give a bit more information on the correct tread pattern for the terrain readers are commonly riding in, as well as the thought behind knob placement and depth.
  2. Kryptonite's Security Rating System

    Kryptonite's Security Rating System
    Kryptonite has been able to take a utilitarian product and make it iconic and stylish. Their locks show up in movies, TV shows and Instagram snaps as the boss of bicycle locks. This sort of hype isn’t generated through savvy marketing. Kryptonite has been building a brand of impregnable locks for over 40 years. 365 Cycles can attest to Kryptonite’s...
  3. Review Specialized Alibi Sport EQ

    Review Specialized Alibi Sport EQ
    During Bike To Work Week, we introduced some of our staff who regularly bike to work.  Among them was Shane, our E-Commerce Developer. Shane is calculating and purposeful in his work here at 365 Cycles.  This trait of his also shows through in his decision to purchase a Specialized Alibi as a commuter bike.The Specialized Alibi Sport EQ is a...
  4. Bike to Work Week

    Bike to Work Week
    Bike to work week originated with the League of American Bicyclist in 1956 as part of Bike-to-Work-Day.  All part of the greater National Bike Month of May. Here at 365 Cycles, we are enthusiastic about riding bikes!  While we don’t need a special occasion to ignite our love of bicycles, we do appreciate that opportunity special occasions like Bike to...
  5. May is National Bike Month

    May is National Bike Month
    May is National Bike Month and all of us at 365 Cycles want to take this opportunity to share some useful stats from the League of American Bicyclists:   Bicycle commuting burns an average of 540 calories per hour. The average person loses 13 lbs in the first year of commuting by bike. A daily 4-mile bike commute will save...
  6. GP1

    This is the grip that really established Ergon as the standard in ergonomic handlebar grips. The GP1 has a pedigree and design awards going as far back as 2004. This grip has stood the test of time! Currently fitting into Ergon’s Comfort series of grips, the GP1 is a great option for touring and commuting. Inspired by some of our...
  7. GE1 Evo MTB Enduro

    GE1 Evo MTB Enduro
    Marketed as Ergon’s “gravity and enduro” ergonomic grip I was initially skeptical about any ergonomic benefits specifically aiding downhill riding. While I don’t classify myself as a downhill mountain biker, over the years of riding and racing I’ve become sensitive to subtle differences in the equipment I use on my bike. The orientation of my grips being off even a...
  8. SMC3 Comp

    SMC3 Comp
    Saddles are among the single most intimate connection a rider has with their bike. When considering proper fit, an ergonomically designed saddle like the SMC3 Comp is well worth the money. My research into proper fit led me to Ergon saddles and I continue to be impressed with how well my saddle performs. As a matter of fact, all of...
  9. GA3 MTB All-Mountain

    GA3 MTB All-Mountain
    These grips look most similar to the Ergon grips I’ve been using up to this point. But as I found out, their differences go beyond the “winged” shape. Given I use Ergon’s GS1’s, their mountain bike marathon series grips, the shape of the GA3’s was familiar to me but the GA3’s do feel different in the hand. Where the GS1’s...
  10. GA2 FAT MTB All-Mountain

    GA2 FAT MTB All-Mountain
    Intended for people with larger hands or greater demands for trail dampening, I generally don't meet either of those qualifying characteristics. Nonetheless, I installed them and went for a few rides. On my first ride, I didn’t have any initial earth shattering experiences when riding with the GA2 FAT's on my everyday mountain bike, but I was surprised when I...

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