Welcoming Devinci Cycles

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March 9, 2017

Welcoming Devinci Cycles

Let’s face it, it’s 2017 and every reputable bike brand makes a good bike these days. With more bike options to choose from than ever before, 365 Cycles is proud to introduce Devinci Cycles, available now on 365Cycles.com.



It can be hard to imagine the company behind the hard-charging steed that propelled Steve Smith (#longlivechainsaw) to be the overall DH World Cup Champ in 2013, is also behind fleets of city bikes fueling bike-share programs in major metropolitan areas in the U.S., Canada, and London; but from world-cup podiums to leisurely city commutes, Devinci powers riders with some of the most cutting-edge bikes in the industry.

Born from the minds of two eager engineering students in Chicoutimi, Quebec three decades ago, Devinci really got the wheels spinning when cycling entrepreneur Felix Gauthier jumped on board in 1990. Now the full owner, Gauthier has built his cycling dynasty on performance, craftsmanship, and quality through environmentally and ethically responsible manufacturing processes.

Deep commitments to quality and performance have enabled Devinci to expand, fueled by greater demand and a growing number of distribution channels. To ensure they remain focused on their roots of quality and craftsmanship, Devinci controls every aspect of the manufacturing process possible in-house. This includes: R&D, quality control, welding, heat-treatment, and assembly.

Made with Love at Devinci HQ

Without sounding like a gaggle of hipsters talking up a local health food store, we have to give props to this inclusive in-house process of manufacturing aluminum parts and frames. We truly live in the age of international outsourcing to cut costs, but for those who choose a different path, numerous benefits are in the details of production that surely outweigh the costs. Take a step into Devinci’s HQ in Canada and these details are what you’ll find.

Devinci’s R&D team enjoys rapid prototype development and nearly instantaneous testing of new ideas because all aluminum and CNC parts are made in their facility.  Pneumatic tools are used by employees not only to ensure precision in their work, but to reduce wear and tear on their physical bodies. Local adults with developmental disadvantages are included and employed to help with simple tasks like threading spokes into hub flanges to prepare wheels to be built and tensioned.

Giving back to the community by recycling excess material at a local recycling facility is a small token of appreciation to Chicoutimi for providing the raw aluminum used to make their their frames and parts.

In stark contrast to the positive treatment of employees, their products are stressed and strained until failure to ensure every Devinci product lives up to its heritage of quality and craftsmanship. State-of-the-art testing systems replicate real-world situations encountered on the bike to give insight into ride characteristics, while other machines can replicate 10 months of abuse to a frame in just a few days. Insights and data are gathered and implemented into the next design that can be quickly prototyped, tested, tweaked again, and re-tested. The cycle continues.

Frame Design

If industry-leading quality control and R&D pouring into every bike launched at Devinci HQ doesn’t inspire enough confidence to hop on a Devinci this season, consider that behind every frame is a lifetime guarantee. Even more impressive still is the notoriety Devinci has for resolving warranty issues in the least-painless and fastest way possible--no serving the dreaded “guilty until proven innocent” sentence here. If you have a legitimate defect or problem with your frame, Devinci cares more about what they can do to improve the defect moving forward and how they can get you back in the saddle than they do about giving you the “warranty runaround."

Looking into the ride qualities of Devinci’s fame design, you’ll likely unanimously find that their bikes typically punch well above their weight. They 'come alive' and are happiest on the burlier side of their intended-use spectrum.

Coming from a downhill inspired background, their frames employ Dave Weagle’s Split Pivot suspension design which provides a simple, no-fuss suspension platform that allows the suspension to stay active during braking by isolating acceleration forces from braking forces. Mumbo-jumbo aside, we like the lack of undecipherable hoodoo-magic and wizardry in the design, and appreciate a suspension platform that is simple and forgettable due to long service intervals and predictable performance.

Dave Weagle Explains Split-Pivot

In addition to the effective simplicity and visually clean lines accompanying every frame, customizable geometry is an added perk not to be overlooked. “Full Response Geometry” allows the rider to tailor the geometry to riding preferences through the use of a headset spacer and a flip-chip mounted in the frame. Even though bike manufacturers can't make a bike that appeases every rider's preference, adjustable geometry enables Devinci to appeal to a wider range of riders and gives the consumer more say in exactly how they want their bike to ride.

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Devinci is aware that the purchase of a high performance bicycle is done with the heart and that a bike is only as good as the people who put it together. The significance and joy of riding a Devinci is in the details. Deep roots in quality and craftsmanship, ethically responsible manufacturing processes, and state-of-the-art frame design are why you should share our excitement about Devinci Cycles!

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Posted on: March 9, 2017
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