Cutter Selection Guide For Reaming, Tapping & Facing

Ian Gielar
May 9, 2017

Cutter Selection Guide For Reaming, Tapping & Facing

Cutter Selection Guide for Reaming, Tapping & Facing

This article contains an array of tables to assist in choosing the correct tools, cutters and spacers when reaming, tapping, or facing bicycle frames. The products referenced in this article can be found under the Frame & Fork Tools category.


Bottom Bracket Shell Machining

Tools Required for Reaming and Facing:

Threadless bottom bracket shells can be machined with various racers, facers, pilots and centering cone adaptors. All options require the use of either the HTR-1, HTR-1B and HTR-HS.

Tools Required for Tapping and Facing:

The BTS-1 is capable of tapping and facing threaded bottom bracket shells, and includes the #691 & #692 taps and #690 facer.

The BFS-1 is purpose-built specifically for facing threaded bottom bracket shells, with a tension spring system for added pressure to the facer. It includes the #690 facer and #681 & 682 bushings.

BB Std.BB Shell Dim.Tap and FaceReam and FaceReam OnlyFace Only
Threaded English 33.7 mm ID BTS-1, 691, 692, 690 BFS-1 or BTS-1, 690, 681, 682
Threaded Italian 35 mm IDBTS-1, 693 (2 required), 690BFS-1 or BTS-1, 688 (2 required), 690
BB30, PF42 42 mm ID752, 690-XL, 750.2752, 750.2764, 690-XL, 750.2
PF30, PF4646 mm ID690-XL, 750.2, 791690-XL, 791P, 750.2
BBright Direct Fit 42 mm ID 752, 690-XL, 750.2752, 750.2
BBright Press Fit 46 mm ID
690-XL, 750.2, 791690-XL, 791P, 750.2
386 Evo 46 mm ID690-XL, 750.2, 791690-XL, 791P, 750.2
BB86/92, PF41, PF24 41 mm ID744, 690-XL, 750.2764, 690-XL, 750.2

Head Tube Machining

Tools Required for Reaming and Facing:

All options require the use of either the HTR-1, HTR-1B and HTR-HS plus correct accessory.

Headset Std. Headset Cup Dim. Head Tube Dim.Ream and FaceFace Only
1" External Cup (EC29)30.00–30.10 mm OD29.85–29.90 mm ID762, 690
1" External Cup (EC30)
30.20–30.30 mm OD30.05–30.10 mm ID751.2, 690763, 690
1⅛" External Cup (EC34)34.05–34.15 mm OD33.90–33.95 mm ID754.2, 690
765, 690
1¼" External Cup (EC37)37.05–37.15 mm OD 36.90–36.95 mm ID766, 690
1½" External Cup (EC49)49.70–49.75 mm OD49.57–49.61 mm ID758.2, 750.2767, 690-XL, 750.2
1⅛" Internal Cup (ZS44)44.05–44.10 mm OD43.95–44.00 mm ID788, 690-XL, 750.2768, 690-XL, 750.2
1½" Internal Cup (ZS56)55.99–56.04 mm OD 55.90–55.95 mm ID789, 690-XXL, 750.2790, 690-XL, 750.2
1⅛" Integrated Upper
no cup 41.10–41.20 mm ID,
3.1–3.2 mm Depth
756S, 750.2
1⅛" Integrated Lower
no cup41.10–41.20 mm ID,
6.9–7.0 mm Depth
756S, 750.2
1⅛" Integrated (IS42)no cup41.95–42.05 mm ID,
2.8–3.0 mm Depth
761S, 750.2
1⅛" Integrated (IS42)no cup41.95–42.05 mm ID,
6.6–6.8 mm Depth
761S, 750.2
1¼" Integrated (IS47)no cup47.05–47.10 mm ID799, 690-XL, 750.2
1½" Integrated (IS52)no cup52 mm ID738, 690-XL, 750.2

Fork Threading

Tools Required for Fork Threading:

The FTS-1 Fork Threading Set includes parts #606 and #610 for threading 1" x 24 tpi forks. Dies and guides for the 1⅛" x 26 tpi and 1¼" x 26 tpi standards are available separately.

Fork Size Required Die Required Guide
1" x 24 tpi 606610
1⅛" x 26 tpi 607611
1¼" x 26 tpi 608612

Fork Crown Race Cutting

Tools required for Fork Crown Race Cutting:

The CRC-1 is designed to machine fork crown race seats. It includes the necessary bushings and cutters for 1" and 1⅛" forks.

The CRC-15 is used in conjunction with the CRC-1 to machine crown race seats on forks with a 1⅛"-to-1½" taper.

Fork Size Crown Race Seat Required Tools
1" 26.5 mmCRC-1
1" 27.1 mmCRC-1
1⅛" 30.1 mmCRC-1
30.1 mmCRC-1, CRC-15

*Maximum taper length is 4.25 inches.


Misc. Tapping Applications

Tools Required for Tapping:

Park Tool offers a full line of taps for crank arms and various frame applications, as well as tap handles for ease of use. The TH-1 and TH-2 fit most common bicycle taps, including the Park Tool taps in the table below.

ApplicationThread Required Tap
Pedal tap1/2" x 20 tpiTAP-3 (set of 2)
Pedal tap9/16" x 20 tpiTAP-6 (set of 2)
Rear wheel dropout
alignment screws
3 mm x .5TAP-7
Water bottle, toe clips,
fender and rack bosses
5 mm x .8TAP-8
Cantilever brakes,
large fender bosses
6 mm x 1TAP-9
Derailleur hanger10 mm x 1TAP-10

NOTE: The standards listed in these tables are for the components that can be machined using Park Tool products. This page is not an exhaustive list of standards used in the bicycle industry. Parts should always be accurately measured to ensure the correct tools are used.

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